Should I stage my vacant property to sell?

To style or not to style?

By Laura Mclean

This is a question many sellers may face when considering to sell a property that is vacant. The answer to this question is dependent entirely on your circumstances. For a lot of sellers the thought of paying for what can be a few thousand dollars to stage/style a vacant property may seem like a waste of money. For others, it just might not be economically feasible to come up with the funds necessary to do so. You don’t need to stage a vacant property for prospective buyers to want to purchase your property, however something needs to be said for the atmosphere and feeling of ‘homeliness’ that the correct styling can introduce to an empty space. Again , this should be considered on a property by property basis as each circumstance is individual, just like the property itself. Below is an example of the impact that property staging can have on a vacant property. If you are considering staging your property to sell, we’d be happy to suggest some brilliant suppliers to assist you.